Determine needs and wants first, for an efficient home search


When shopping for a new home, it is important to make a list of your needs and wants. Along with your budget, these items will help your home retailer/salesperson narrow down the options and find homes that meet your criteria.

Needs can vary by household and usually involve size of the floor plan, like square footage or the number of bedrooms. A need might be an extra bedroom for a home office or a classroom for virtual learning. Be sure to include location requirements, like within a certain school district or proximity to work.

It is also important to think of what your needs might be 5 or 10 years down the road, since you are not likely to move frequently. Perhaps you plan to retire in this home or need space to care for an aging family member? Your needs might be a barrier-free shower and front entrance.

A want is a beneficial feature but something you can compromise on if you find a home with all your needs. Like needs, wants also differ by household. Things like farmhouse sink or deck can be added later, after the purchase.

Making a list of wants doesn’t mean these items aren’t important in your home search. It is more of a “wish list” and will help you and your salesperson in finding the best home for your budget and family.

When searching for a manufactured home community, you can create a similar list of needs vs wants. After you determine the location (need), make a list of community amenities that you would want. A playground, swimming pool, RV/boat storage, etc.

Once your needs and wants list is complete, visit to find a community or home seller near you.

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