Homes adjust to changing needs

Home office

Homes have become more than living spaces. Our homes are now makeshift offices, gyms and classrooms. They’ve hosted virtual parties, served countless meals, and allowed us to launch new hobbies. The pandemic has redefined what being “at home” ultimately means. Just as we’ve learned to pivot and adjust to a new way of living, so have our homes.
But, perhaps instead of adjusting, your home’s shortcomings are now more visible, such as a poorly functioning kitchen, a shortage of bedrooms, or an overall lack of space. Now, it may be time to think about a new home. Thankfully, manufactured homes are already designed to serve those changing needs. New models offer floor plans to accommodate how we live today, and are positioned to adapt and evolve to carry us into the future.

Need a home office or classroom?
You’ll find that some plans have small “pocket” office options that can be almost anywhere in the house, complete with a built-in desk and shelves. These offices are great for virtual school, Zoom calls or work-from-home spaces.

Need a separate room for the kids?
Kids need their own spaces, whether for homework, playing games, or just watching TV. Consider a floor plan with both a living and family room, and you’ll have a space for the adults and a space for the kids. Outfit the kids’ space with traditional furniture, or consider special kid-sized lounge chairs and game tables.

Need space for hobbies?
If you started a new creative pursuit during the pandemic, perhaps you would like the space to continue it. Some manufactured home floor plans include a true multipurpose utility room that can be used for laundry, but also doing arts and crafts, playing music, exercising or anything that requires a dedicated space.

Need a kitchen upgrade?
Most of us are pretty tired of cooking (what seems like a million) meals at home, but perhaps with a gourmet kitchen, cooking can become more enjoyable. Think about features to make daily life easier, like ample counter space, high-end appliances, large islands, walk-in pantries, and more.

Need room to spread out?
This year, “bigger is better” may replace “location, location, location” as the housing industry’s new mantra. Spending all day, every day at home has often proven to be a bit too much together time, and homebuyers are seeking out a larger home for now and the future. Manufactured homes offer floor plans up to 2,400 square feet with up to 4 bedrooms.

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