Love at first sight

Young couple in their new home

Picture this. You fell in the love the moment you opened the door. The gorgeous kitchen cabinets, the practical yet beautiful flooring and of course, the spacious and light-filled master suite. You started imagining all the dinner parties you could host and all the family memories you could make. This is your dream house … or is it? How do you know this is the house for you? If you find yourself second guessing your decision, here are some questions to ask yourself.

  1. Does it make your heart flutter?
    A big part of home buying is pure emotion. This swirl of feelings may surprise you, drawing you toward homes you never thought you'd love and away from ones that hit every box on your checklist. Don't forget your must-have list, but don't feel bad about skipping something you thought you wanted, when a home just feels … well, like “home.”

  2. Is it part of a complete package?
    The surroundings are just as important as the house. Is it located near the right schools, and an easy commute to work? If it’s within a community, will you use the community’s amenities, interact well with the managers? Is the monthly lease reasonable? If on private property, is the yard a manageable size? Does it offer privacy or a neighborhood feel. What’s your preference? You may also want to consider the proximity to parks, expressways or grocery stores.

  3. Can’t wait to see it again?
    You should be excited about this home and want to go back, to spend more time, and review other features in more detail. If this is “the one,” you should be lingering in the kitchen, and visualizing the furniture and décor in each room, and imagining your family lounging in the great room.

Getting ready to purchase a home leads to all kinds of emotions and mental debates. Just remember to ask questions, think about what you really need and want, and be patient as everything falls into place.

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