Q&A on the home buying process

New homeowners receiving house keys

We asked industry veteran Angelic Sponaugle some questions about the home buying process and what she’s observed in her 27 years in the manufactured and modular home industry. Angelic is the general manager of MMHA member Michigan Home Zone, a manufactured and modular home gallery where prospective buyers can visit and walk through model homes.

  • Q. What’s the first thing you do when meeting with a prospective homebuyer?
    I ask a series of questions to get to know him/her better. I then tell them a little about myself and begin to build a relationship while doing a lot of listening so that I am able to gauge and pinpoint his or her needs and wants.
  • Q. What is the most common concern that homebuyers have?
    90 percent of the people walking through the door say the same things, “We are new to the process,” “We had no idea this option was available to us,” and “We have no idea where to start.” When they don’t have that knowledge that creates some fear. That is where I can step in to give them all the tools necessary to feel comfortable when making their final decision.
  • Q. How much do homebuyers know about before coming into your sales center?
    Most customers have a general knowledge of manufactured and modular homes, but they don’t have a great understanding of the benefits and affordability (well, and how fantastic they really are).
  • Q. What do you wish all homebuyers knew before shopping for a new home?
    I wish they knew it was a process, and one that takes some time. There are so many options when ordering a new home (as opposed to purchasing a model home). We often hear new home buyers tell us they didn’t realize all the choices they would have to make. But, that’s part of the fun, too.
  • Q. What is your favorite part of your job?
    I love it when someone walks through one of our models and sees the quality and beauty in the homes and then, of course, I love seeing the look on someone’s face when they realize that the dream of “becoming a homeowner” is going to be a reality.

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