Manufactured homes are big on space and value

Open floor mobile home floor plan

“Bigger is better for today’s homebuyers. Spacious, open floor plans are in demand,” says industry veteran Jerry Ruggirello. Jerry has been a community owner, retailer and developer for over 30 years and is the owner and managing partner of AJR Development and AJR Home Sales. We spoke with Jerry recently and asked for his observations about the current trends in manufactured housing.

“Buyers want more space, and today’s models make that possible. The average square footage we see now is around 1,800 square feet. Everything is bigger, and the open floor plans really appeal to today’s buyer. The availability of 16-foot sections (allowing a home that is approximately 32-feet wide) really makes a difference in an open main living area, and allows for larger bedrooms,” says Ruggirello.

When asked about the evolution of design, Ruggirello commented, “I enjoy watching a potential home buyer walk into one of our model homes … almost everyone’s first word is ‘Wow!’ The homes are beautiful, stylish and spacious. I often hear another ‘Wow’ when quoted a price. Buyers are in disbelief that the home is such a good value, especially when looking at costs per square foot.” The average price per square foot of a manufactured home is $49, while $107 is the average price per square foot for a site-built home.

Of all of the benefits to living in a manufactured home community, the number one is typically cost, according to Ruggirello. “We’re seeing more first-time manufactured homebuyers than in years’ past, especially in new manufactured home communities. Even when factoring in monthly site lease costs, to find such quality housing with nice neighbors and an overall quality lifestyle, living in a manufactured home community is a great value.”

Ruggirello remarked, “To think you can have a new home with every feature you want for around $1,200-$1,500 a month, it’s a great deal.”

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