Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission plays a vital role in ensuring fairness in the industry

Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission

The Michigan Manufactured Housing Commission is one of the most important organizations within the manufactured housing industry, and ensures fairness for both industry business members and community residents. The commission is responsible for establishing uniform policy relating to all phases of manufactured housing, business, manufactured housing parks, and seasonal manufactured housing parks. The commission has the legal authority to approve local governmental ordinances which would regulate manufactured housing, grant variances to the Manufactured Housing Commission Rules, approve licenses for manufactured home installer/servicers and retailers, and impose penalties.

The commission is vital to providing a consistent standard across all 83 counties in Michigan. Michigan Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA) Director Darren Ing commented, “Without this authority, counties and municipalities could conceivably promulgate rules that widely differ from one another. This would create an undue burden for the community owners who operate multiple communities, but also for the individuals who set and service homes. Having one set of rules ensures a level playing field and allows everyone from community owners to state and local officials to understand the requirements for the manufactured housing industry in Michigan.”

Commission Chairperson Marge Burns commented, “The most important role of the commission is to make sure that current and future residents of manufactured home communities have access to safe and affordable living options by upholding the standards of the Mobile Home Act.” Burns is also a member of the association (MMHA), and remarked, “I find it very beneficial and important to be active in both the commission and MMHA. What happens at the commission meetings affects the members of MMHA, but more importantly it affects the residents of manufactured home communities and all industries related to the manufactured home business. I want what’s best for the industry as a whole, and I’m able to participate in that process on two different levels. For over 75 years, MMHA has protected and promoted manufactured housing by providing education on issues affecting the industry. Ultimately, both the commission and MMHA want what is best for the state of Michigan, local municipalities, and residents of communities when it comes to safe, affordable housing.

"I’m proud that as a resident of a manufactured home community, my voice can be heard,” says commission member Glenna Adams, who holds a resident seat on the commission. “There are so many outdated rules and regulations. I think, ‘How can I help?’ ‘What can be done?’ or ‘Is this right?’” She believes the industry is entering a new era, and things are changing. “Some of the current rules and regulations no longer apply or do not fit the situation. The commission helps update, interpret the rules, understand ALL of the rules. The commission is a representation of many fields in the industry, and therefore our discussions and decisions truly will help everyone, no matter where they fit in.""

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